march, briefly

by grace on April 26, 2019

nothing much to report about march, except we had a late birthday celebration for mom. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MOM!

but first…we got home on March 4th. here’s kevin, plowing mom’s driveway on March 7th. I never want to come home to snow.

the next day we had a celebration with both pie plus some kind of delicious chocolate thing that bev made. but i wonder where the pie came from? the store.

Mom had a wonderful time…

…and she’s doing great at 83!

we’d had this feral cat lurking around the front yard. it”s fluffy, and a tuxedo cat like chester, only smaller. kevin had been putting food out, and we’d see her eating.

but here, les spotted her and was very intent.

unfortunately, a few weeks ago kevin was walking with les paul around the front yard and suddenly les spotted the cat and zoomed after her. luckily les came back prettty quickly, but we haven’t seen the little cat since.

meanwhile, riley is getting more and more tame – he even sat on kevin’s lap for a while the other day, quite historic.

and with lester it’s always more of the same, constant cuteness.

and that’s it for march; we didn’t even have any daffodils blooming in march but now things are finally getting more and more green. spring is good.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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