Lincoln Memorial Gardens

by grace on August 21, 2019

At the beginning of the month Kevin and i hiked around the gardens in the morning. what a cool place. we parked across the street for the first time and there was a nearby field that we walked in, and in a goup of trees there was this funny little house.

When we went into the gardens, a guy there told us all about some big family event they have there every year, and it takes place in that big field.

we came across a deer family who were obviously totally OK with people invading their space.

We were sad to see that this very old tree had died and they were in the process of taking it down.

It was alive at the signing of the constitution!

lots of pretty nature everywhere…

we were there on saturday august 3rd, but there weren’t many other people in the park. i wonder why it doesn’t get more visitors, because it’s a beautiful place.

ok then,

mrs. g.h.

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