les’s continuing water excitement and adventures

by grace on February 3, 2017

we’d been down at the water and had a nice stroll, but then les wanted to keep going. he headed over to the neighbor’s dock.  on the left there is the floating dock, the same one that les had walked out to over the very thin ice.

at this point i was gently trying to coax him back into our yard, and for a brief moment he pretended to listen to me.

but no, there he went, out onto the neighbor’s dock.

and then, out to the edge.  at this point i was yelling my head off, hoping he wouldn’t leap onto the floating dock because he’d probably fall off.  he thought about it for quite a while, not even glancing over at me once.

i stopped taking pictures so i could call kevin, who was up at the house, because frequently les listens to kevin.

but then les decided that no, maybe he didn’t feel like jumping out there after all.  whew. he was coming in…

…except no, he wasn’t.  instead, he decided to walk onto the boat lift.

ok, this was more like it!  super fun for the kitty.

more pleading from me, but as you can plainly see, he was turning a deaf ear.

more sniffing, trying to decide on his next death-defying little move.

and in his own sweet time, he finally thought he’d mosey on back.  but not because i wanted him to.

yaaaay!  his work here was done.

i’d like to say that this is the happy ending to this tale, that the sun came out and les and i enjoyed sitting down at the dock.  but this picture is actually from the next day, when the sun did, indeed shine, and i enjoyed a few lovely minutes on this warm day in last january.

it’s cold but sunny today, actually, and there’s still no snow.  we might get close to the record of no snowfall in a winter, which would be great with me.  it hasn’t been a bad winter at all, and soon it will be spring.

actually, i have all kinds of buds pushing up in the front yard, and i’ll need to spray them with deer spray before the deer realized they’re there and want to do some light grazing.

and in no time the flowers will be bursting out all over and the deer will chomp away and the mosquitoes and other treacherous insects will bite or sting me…but i have my deer spray, and i have my new netting that i can wear over my head, so i feel i’m totally ready for spring!

and probably because i said all that, we’ll have a foot of snow tomorrow.

it’s always something, but at least lester is peacefully sleeping inside for the moment.

ok then,

mrs. hughes, having made a miraculous and relatively speedy recovery from my cold.

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John Kingdon February 4, 2017 at 2:54 pm

What a let down! I was anticipating photos of Les jumping onto that floating dock, then Kevin jumping onto it to “save” him but causing it to rock so Les simply flexed claws and hung on and Kevin went flying into the water (with you still photographing events, of course). Here, I don’t worry, having discovered that resident cat can swim as well as I can. He voluntarily dives into the pond and out the other end. Tho I’m jealous; would love to wake up to a lake every morning. Misty waters, swimming cat. But on the upside, no deer nibbling my prize plants.


grace February 4, 2017 at 8:24 pm

well…it would have made a great photo, but the water is so cold that i’m not sure if kevin would have survived. we’re very fortunate to live at this spot, despite the deer and the beavers, which i haven’t found a deterrent for.


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