Launching Kevin’s sailboat!

by grace on September 27, 2020

We didn’t put it in the water til Friday August 14th, but it’s awesome that he got it shipshape and in the water this year. for some reason it didn’t happen last year. We realized that Kevin has had the boat for ten years now, hard to believe. In prior years our friend Glenn has helped with launch; Kevin drove the truck and Glenn motored the boat back to our dock, usually with mom and me aboard. Glenn is insanely busy right now so i convinced Kevin that if he backed the boat into the water that I’d certainly be able to drive the truck home without doing any harm.

Kevin had to think about this for a while but then agreed that it was unlikely that i’d back the truck into the lake or anything.

Mom was there to help, ie looking up stuff on her phone.

And the launch was a success!

Here’s an incredibly short video.

After I got home i rushed down to the dock to help with securing the boat to the shore, but Kevin of course did the hard part including climbing the tree like a monkey (or like Lester, who has managed to climb this tree) and wrapping the lines.

The boat has been in the water ever since and Kevin and I have gone on some nice sails since then, and hopefully there will be time to continue before the water drops too far and the weather gets too cold. there’s now a 100% chance of rain tonight which might help the ever-dropping water levels.

It’s going to be much cooler starting tomorrow which means that today i want to do just about everything. must get to it…

ok then,

mrs. onset of fall hughes.

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