kitties, for a change, on this last day of february…

by grace on February 29, 2012

and for some reason this morning i am obsessed with posting all the remaining photos from february.  i hate it that i usually end up posting a few random photos from the month before on a brand new month…

why must i obsess, though?  who on earth but me would possibly ever care, or even know if i didn’t mention it?

that’s just part of being crazy me.

i just realized that even though i’ve photoshopped the remaining february photos, there are still a few photos in my camera i bet.  odds are that i won’t actually get them all posted today.  it’s going to be SIXTY today, that’s right SIXTY, on this last day of february, and it rained last night so the many flowers pushing their way up out of the earth in front of the house are even taller this morning.

i realize that other people’s cats drink out of the faucet, but chester looks so darling when he does it, maybe because he’s typically the lass active kitty, as opposed to lester, who is always up to something.

and poor neglected winnie…

then, of course, lester himself…

last night i was suddenly inspired to start writing gracetalk #5.  this might not last, since i’ve had the idea before and haven’t finished it, but i thought of two great video ideas.  i will spend time today thinking them through.

my target is late spring, sometime around my birthday on may 24th.

ok, i have a plan.

mrs. h.

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