This was actually the end of December, when Mom was staying with us after being run over in the Kohl’s parking lot. We decided it’d be easier to care for her cat Hobbs if Hobbs was here with our crowd of kitties. Also, once you have half a dozen cats (plus two outside), what’s one more? She was kind of nervous about it but also very interested in what might be behind that door.

Darling Lester, gnawing on my suitcase after I got back from New York. Les loves everthing about a suitcase and will always be inside one if it happens to be open.

Tiny Marley, departed Wanda’s former cat, has started enjoying thoroughly cleaning the top of Kevin’s head. Marley continues to thrive as she enters her second year here. She comes downstairs quite a lot, frequently bring a stuffed mouse or some other treasure that she keeps in her upstairs en suite guest bedroom.

Have you ever seen such a huge skunk??? It was so beautiful and funny when it was first taking a long drink from the outside kitties’ water bowl. It then snacked out of their food bowls. I wish I’d gotten another photo of its tail, which has some white tufts at the very end.

We haven’t seen it around anymore but we don’t spend a lot of time looking out the front door at night. However we’ve spotted it a few times now after installing security cameras in Mom’s back yard.

Pumpkin continues to be quarantined in another guest bedroom, where he spent his first couple of months here after his eye surgery. Things were getting out of hand with him and now he’s on Prozac and soon we’re going to attempt to re-introduce him to the other cats. Meanwhile he enjoys snoozing on the very comfortable tub lids underneath the palm trees I’m overwintering up there.

Squirrels don’t attempt to get at the bird feeder so much these days, but this one was determined.

Riley and Les, always so sweet…

That’s about all the excitement for January. So far February has been exceptionally mild and I’m about to head off for a slow jog. Lately I’ve been running through the field and over to the University and then when I’m almost home I stop at a section of “challenge course” that the university erected a while ago. It’s a square-shaped bunch of poles with cable running between them and different permutations of ropes hanging to grab onto. I feel like it’s excellent for working on my balance. But on Monday morning when I headed for it I heard voices and was horrified to see that a family with four kids was climbing all over it. What were people doing there at my private balance spot??!! I slowed down for a minute, hoping that they were about to move on, but quickly realized that there were just so many small children that it was hopeless.

Today I’m optimistic that that was a one-off. It’s always something.

Ok then,

Mrs. February Hughes.