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by grace on July 3, 2020

almost a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how kevin and i (mostly kevin) threw our second barge-full of riprap up on the shore. kevin just gave me photos from the first barge, the Flinstones-sized rocks. Here, the barge is on the right side of the dock.

Glenn came over to help him and they set this…rudder? paddle? i don’t know what it is…on top of the biggest boulder to give perspective. i’m not sure that happened.

this is after they’d thrown a lot of the rocks.

and kevin saw a snake down amongst them! very interesting, although many people would be freaking out about a snake.

Kevin was very happy when he’d finished the load…

…and decided he needed to pose again! silly fellow.

the sledgehammer handles and hammers that he broke while breaking up the rocks. three of them? four? i can’t recall, but he went through quite a few of them.

here’s one portion of the shore all done.

since then i’ve trimmed up the bushes up there that aren’t doing so well this summer and i’ve pulled lots of weeds. and now the whole shore is set, at least for the next 80 years.

kevin is already hard at work at his next project, replacing the roof on the old side of the house.

very busy around here, on this holiday weekend.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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