kevin continues to work like a maniac!

by grace on June 22, 2020

after we threw rocks onto the shore and dragged away branches on saturday the 13th, i was spent but kevin kept on keeping on.

he moved the barge and cut more giant branches off the oak tree which is leaning precariously into the lake. since it hasn’t fallen in yet, maybe it won’t before we’ve left this place. here he is, chain-sawing even though the barge seemed to be rocking quite a bit because there were so many boats on the water.

here he’s brandishing…well, i’m not sure what he has there. a branch in one hand, maybe some smaller saw in the the other?

hurling a branch.

part of this enormous branch fell into the water, so he dragged it out…

…and picked it up to carry onto the shore. it makes me tired just looking at this.

when he finally finished there was lots of debris all over the barge so he completely cleaned it up…”like a boy scout,” he said. i’m sure kevin was a top-notch boy scout.

before this project, he’d already re-sealed the driveway. and this last weekend he climbed a ladder and power-washed the side of the house on the second story that i’d noticed had mold growing on it. that was saturday – on sunday he spent a lot of time power-washing the latest sailboat in our driveway. it’s glenn’s first sailboat which had been stored (horribly neglected) in somebody’s lot for many years and glenn finally got it back so of course it’s in our driveway along with kevin’s sailboat. because you can never have too many sailboats!

ok then,

grace at almost the end of june.

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