by grace on November 5, 2017

on the first day of october we took our first and only kayak trip of the year.

maybe i’m wrong – maybe we went out in the spring?  i don’t think so.

it was a lovely morning and erica bought herself a new kayak so we went with her.  here’s me in the kayak, up against our rocks.  it was a successful launch, nobody tipping the kayak over at all.  i was waiting here while kevin helped erica launch her kayak.

and here she is – kayaking is such a great, peaceful way to be out on the water getting a bit of exercise.

we went under the bridge, on the other side of villa grove.

here’s the woods – the water had receded quite a bit, but one year it was so far down that kevin, mollie and i walked across the lake bed, and it wasn’t the least bit muddy.  it’ll get that way again soon i think.

birds hanging out on top of the dock at the motor boat club.  the water was a little more turbulent at this point, but it wasn’t bad.

we were headed for the other side of this bridge – a few years ago kevin and i kayaked under the bridge and went way, way, way back into some woods until the water ran out.  we hoped to do this again.

i was so busy taking pictures of the water….

that it took me a while to realize that the lake had receded so far that people were walking across.  oh well, maybe in the spring the lake will fill again. 

a good time was had by all.

ok then,

mrs. sunday hughes.


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