Kangaroo Kitty

by grace on October 20, 2020

I have plenty of photos for October but right now i just have time to show you this incredibly funny photo of Riley. Kevin took him for a walk in the back yard on Sat. October 10th and Riley bounced in such a comical way…

it’s now the crack of 11:23 in the morning and i have to get off the couch and hurry up and get things done today. Yesterday i started working on cleaning the ceiling and walls of the hot tub room, but i didn’t start until late in the afternoon and only did about a half hour of work and realized that like the screened porch, there are places that haven’t ever been cleaned and so it’s going to take long than I thought. Looking at the forecast, it might freeze overnight late next week so i now have a deadline.

ok, get to it, mrs. hughes.

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