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by grace on November 29, 2017

on november 13th as les and i were walking i spotted this white pelican.  there are lots of them this year.

he appeared to be swimming over to join this gaggle of pelicans farther away.

you can just barely see him, as he managed to get closer.

meanwhile, les was scurrying down the rocks towards the neighbor’s house.  can you see him?  he right in the middle of the frame.

after i scooped him up once he’d reached the little bit of beach and carried him into the yard i let him down and he proceeded to climb the neighbor’s ladder in their shed.  he had a great time, as he always does.  and eventually he did come back down.

two days later he wanted to check out the big black tubes in the other neighbor’s yard.

the next day, back to the first neighbor’s shed but luckily this time he didn’t climb the ladder.

when we returned home from that walk he needed food RIGHT NOW and because i was doing something else, he felt the need to climb to the top of the fridge and wait there for food to show up.  i lik it that his paws is covering up mooch from my favorite cartoon “mutts.”

it’s all about my lester!

ok then,

mrs. h.

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