So, June, so long ago…my sister Amy and our friend Amy joined me for a boat ride on June 11th, five days after my hospital release. My sister Amy hasn’t been on a boat ride with me since, which shows you just how momentous this occasion was. She massively relieved that my hospital visit wasn’t terminal.

Two days later, Pumpkin and Lester, looking so much like twins.

Things still aren’t so great with the many kitties in the house; Les is the only one who feels confident enough to be around Pumpkin, and the others spend a lot of time back in the bedroom or outside. I’m hoping things will get better. We’ll see.

Meanwhile…back on June 15th, I got this heart monitor because my apple watch said I had atrial fibrillation in the middle of the night a few nights after I got out of the hospital. It didn’t seem so bad initially, and it was amazingly technological, including a phone it was connected to which constantly read my heart rate.

Meanwhile, the many beautiful lilies in the fenced yard were blooming like crazy mid-June.

On the 18th Glenn and Julie treated us for a lovely belated birthday dinner at the Yacht Club. They got me that cool multiple flower vase, along with other nice things. A great time was had by all.

On June 21st I went a little crazy at Wal Mart buying flowers, because my issues had prevented me getting anything earlier, and everything was on drastically on sale and I love that succulent arrangement on the left.

I managed to arrange them on the deck a few days later, along with the fabulous hummingbird yard ornament I got for my birthday.

Also a fantastic peacock ornament. Hmm, I’ve brought everything in for the winter, and I think I need to display both of those ornaments somewhere here inside the house. One year I brought a very large metal rooster – maybe he’s four feet high? inside the bedroom and he’s been there ever since. Yard ornaments, they’re not just for outside.

Near the end of June, Marley enjoyed some time lying on top of me up in her bedroom. She’s still pretty spry and just the other day she surprised Kevin in the basement – she’d managed to squeeze past the blockade in front of her door and made it all the way down to the basement and luckily Pumpkin was somewhere else at the time.

I’m sure I wrote all about the nonsense with the awful heart monitor which made my chest get inflamed and horribly painful, so they gave me a different one with a more user-friendly adhesive, but right after I put the new one on, I got stung by a wasp on my ear which made my chest go crazy again. So after that I didn’t wear any heart monitor plus when I worked out in the yard I wore this very fetching net. At this particular point I’d waded through the huge hostas back to the back of the fenced yard, where I had to diligently dig away at the insidious chameleon plant which I’d discovered last year. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping them at bay this year, but I wish I’d spent a little more time going after them again. Maybe there will be one more decent day where I can do that because I know they’ll always be lurking.

Can you see the giant tree limb down there? We have several very old locust trees and branches continue to fall from them and we need to take them down. Not this year.

And finally- my friend Toby sends me funny cat cartoons and I especially appreciated this one, because of the many scans and procedures I had done, and the many cats we have. Super funny!

Whew, and that’s it for June. I hope your fall is going well, and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that we’re in the middle of it already.

Ok then,

Mrs. October Hughes.