a week ago i wrote that the pontoon boat was running great this summer, which is probably the first summer it’s done that since we’ve had it.  and i said “i don’t want to jinx it.”

which of course i did.

kevin and i took a lovely boat ride on sunday morning – amy had taken the boat out a week before and said that some kind of alarm was going off, but she turned off the motor and back on again and it was fine.

we thought that maybe she’d been roaring around the lake too fast, because she’s made for speed.

we got all the way over to to the other side of the lake, i sped up, and after less than five minutes the loud alarm started.  i switched off the motor, started it up, and it was fine.

we putted around a while, but then increased speed, alarm went off – but this time it started to shrilly shriek at us after i tried to start it.

this went on for a while, so we decided to just float around for a bit.  kevin says it’s the impeller that’s not working right – i believe he said it’s the thing that keeps the motor from overheating.  he told me at least three to four times what it was, but it’s very hard for any kind of technical-type info to sink into my brain.

we slowly putted the long distance home and i kept pelting questions at kevin about what could be wrong with the boat, how much would it cost to fix, could we still use it if we went slowly, on and on as i do.  he finally said, “grace, i don’t know.”

that’s him being irritated with me, calling me grace.

he finally said “we just need to buy a new boat.”

a new boat would cost a whole lot of money, and we just had a major expense of replacing some windows in the house, so it seemed that plunking down a bunch of cash for a new boat would be a tad bit fiscally irresponsible.

but kevin called up our boat mechanic, josh, who said that he could repair it fairly quickly, and kevin remembered that he had been meaning to take the boat in for a tune-up before we launched it this summer, and was going to have impeller replaced.

so that’s more good news, the boat breaking wasn’t my fault nor amy’s, and it’ll hopefully be fixed soon, and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

maybe just one appendage.

here’s mom, doing the driving pre-boat-failing.  the only thing i like more than going out on the boat is getting somebody else to do the steering.

right now i’m about to putt putt the boat across to the boat launch, and then we’ll hitch it up to the trailer and take it in.

right now.

wish me luck…

ok then,

mrs. excessive-heat warning- for- the- next- four- days hughes.