is he the real live Rocket Raccoon??

by grace on May 8, 2018

early in the evening, when it was still light out, this raccoon appeared on the deck.  look at his smile!  if you inspect it closely you’ll see the bird seeds stuck to the end of his nose (I didn’t even see it, but Bev pointed it out to me).  it looks like he’s grinning!











another evening I had the pleasure of riding in randy’s convertible and we stopped to talk to the deer.  they appear to be listening.

and that’s it for april…the weather finally turned into spectacular and so of course I spent three vigorous hours on Saturday pulling so many weeds and dragging so much mulch into the fenced yard.  it took me a while to figure out the best way to get it into the fenced yard, because the tractor with the attached trailer doesn’t fit through the gate, which is heavily fortified against lester trying to escape and would take a while to pry open anyway.

last year I drove to the tractor to the back yard and then scooped the mulch into my little wagon and pulled it into the yard.  but this year I decided this way too many steps, so instead, I filled the wagon from the giant mulch pile in the driveway and dragged it straight through the underbrush off to one side of the front of the house and right through the front bedroom door.  brilliant, I felt.  the first couple of times I had to hoist it over the step up to the porch but quickly realized that there was a little path right through the vegetation, and that way it was just a slight incline instead of a step.

I cleared space in the bedroom, moving a dresser and tossing rugs and junk to the side and wheeled it right on through, not dropping a speck.

the real challenge of the whole deal was then bumping the wagon down the five back steps onto the back patio.  it didn’t matter that  a bit spilled because all of that area needs to be mulched anyway, but I had to lean into the wagon so it wouldn’t just catapult down the steps.

each time I did it I added more mulch because I figured, why not.  so by the sixth trip it was a mighty big pile of mulch and as I leaned in, my knee suddenly complained very loudly.  hmm.  maybe not such a great idea…

but I did get a lot done and am surprised that I’ve probably already used about half of my six giant mulch scoops that were delivered.

the other problem with my Saturday travails was the i’d started the morning with a really good run, because it was a pefect day for it.  so I was already a little tired when I started, and then all that work…

i’d hoped to get a lot done on sunday, as well, but after I spent 20 minutes adding the last mulch to the front garden I decided I couldn’t do anything else that day.

yesterday I was too busy working to have a chance to continue.  today is another beautiful day and I have plenty of time before I have to work…but i’m still tired.  so we’ll see.

i’m always so excited about getting the mulch and then inevitably overdo it. you’d think i’d learn.

ok then,

mrs. h.


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