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by grace on May 14, 2017

it was nice to be home with our kitties in march.  les enjoyed sitting on a rock in the water.

i spotted a bunch of turtles on a log when running through the woods, but most of them plopped into the water before i had a chance to take a picture.

isn’t that a massive tree?  it’s hanging out over the water.

it was great to run through the woods except kind of muddy.  everything was starting to get that vivid spring green color.

i started some of my thousands of gardening projects – the deer keep eating the lilies i’ve planted, so i decided to dig them all up.  yep, every single one, and of course it was way more work than i’d thought it’d be and this is just one trailer full.  they are all safely planted in my fenced yard and doing better than i thought they would be.  i’ll have to take a photo of their progress.

kevin bought me a couple of black eyed susans and a coneflower because i read that deer don’t like them.  but somebody has already been nibbling on one of them.  it’s a neverending battle.

one morning when i was gone, kevin was walking with les paul down at the water and suddenly les ran right up a tree.  les has no front claws – how did he climb that far?  he’s tenacious, that little kitty.  kevin said  les eventually managed to climb down backwards  and climbed onto kevin’s back.  smart and bold kitty.

i did have a few blooming tulips, out of the several dozen i planted a few years ago, and then the deer ate the bulbs in the middle of winter.  i think i had a few more this year than last, so maybe they’ll spread a little more each year – but then again, a lot of them didn’t bloom this year because the deer managed to get them when the shoots starting coming up.  i guess i could dig them up and also plant them in the fenced yard, but the thought of that is tiring right now, as i continue to try to create a little order and loveliness in the chaos that is my yard.

right at this moment i’m taking a little break from the yard work. aaah, sitting down, very good.

i hope your mother’s day is lovely.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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