Icy Sunshine

by grace on January 11, 2021

Here’s the front walk on Saturday January 3rd at 11 o’clock at night. Snow had been threatened in the forecast and it finally started coming down.

On Sunday we woke up to dazzling sunny skies. Everything was covered in snow and on top of that was a layer of ice which created a magnificent effect.

In the afternoon I had to go out and see it up close even though it was mighty cold. Here’s the view from my living room window.

There wasn’t a lot of snow and I love it that Kevin has put this old Halloween scarecrow decoration down on the garden fence gate.

A flock of geese was sleeping on the water.

I walked out on the dock and I’m sure these are deer prints, so the deer were so brave to walk all the way out to the edge. I didn’t think they ever did that.

The giant sycamore was the most dazzling thing of all. I kept stepping farther back towards the end of the dock to try to get it all in.

The trees all down the lane were incredible.

This is my favorite photo, as the drops of water dripped from the tree into the lake.

I had to take a video and in it you can see the water falling.

The next morning the sun had gone and the fog rolled in. We noticed that the snow had filled in the spaces in the fence, which we’d never seen before. It looked like white blankets draped over the top.

The snow is almost complete gone now which I’m happy about, but the skies have mostly been dismally gray since then. The sun will come out…sometime?

ok then,

mrs. monday is it really already after one in the afternoon? grace.

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