i don’t have the coronavirus, fyi…

by grace on March 21, 2020

in one of my recent posts about mom and my trip to florida i made this statement: “Ok, so…i’ve had a cold with a horrible cough for over a week now. plus, the coronavirus …”

what i meant to convey was that i’ve been feeling bad with a cold, as well as bummed out about the coronavirus. but bev called to point out that in reading it, one would think i have a cold AND the coronavirus.

so, bad writing on my part. but i don’t have it.

but really, how do people know they don’t have it if they haven’t been tested? i’m just saying.

bev also read about the giant jar of nutella left in the house where we stayed in Tampa, and said she thought “i hope she doesn’t eat it,” but i’m sure she figured, before reading the next sentence, that of course i wouldn’t pass up the chance to eat Nutella, opened or not opened.

she told me she has a jar just that size at her house and she puts it on a graham cracker now and then. but i already knew that she’s a don’t-eat-it-all-at-once rockstar. when i’ve been at her house she has mini chocolate bars just lying in dishes which of course is never the case here.

at least my declaration about having the coronavirus made bev laugh. we need more of that.

laughing, not the coronavirus.

which i don’t have.

ok then,

g.h. on a gray saturday afternoon.

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