here on thursday,

by grace on November 16, 2017

things are good.  i know it’s thursday cause kevin just told me it is – somehow it feels like friday, i don’t know why.

kevin worked hard at removing our very old and broken hot tub.  not only doesn’t it work, but the company is out of business so we couldn’t get parts if we wanted to.  instead, we’re turning the room into a big greenhouse.  last winter i crowded lots of plants in there, including many of them on top of the hot tub cover, and i’m hopeful it’ll be much easier and roomier this year.

les paul, of course, was fascinated by the goings-on.

he was really excited when kevin took the whole thing out and les could go down in the hole, which led right out to the fenced yard.  good kitty times.

here he is again keeping watch over me cause this was the night after i fell.

on monday october 9th, i spotted a person swimming in the lake.  it was cold and it was gray and crazy to be swimming in the lake.  they were accompanied by a kayaker.  somebody in the lane said it’s somebody training for a triathlon.  not my idea of fun.  i guess it’s not so easy to spot the person in the water; they’re to the right of the kayak.

big hole in the floor!

the guys are coming on monday to put in new tile, and many plants will have to be moved out before then, and then many, many plants will go in.  good times.

ok then,

mrs. h.

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Robert Dugger November 18, 2017 at 11:01 am

I have read your blog for a couple years. I enjoy the travel narratives and photos, as well as the local stuff. I grew up in Springfield 1954-74 so your location is special to me. Growing up, I used to love to visit Lake Springfield in the summer. You have a lovely home and family. I now reside down in Carbondale where I attended school after graduating Lincoln Land back in 1974. My wife and I love the Southern Illinois area and have remained here ever since. My parents are buried in Springfield. Some day we might cruise up again to Springfield to see how the town has changed or not changed. Meanwhile, we will continue to enjoy your lovely photos and stories.

A true fan,
Robert Dugger


grace November 19, 2017 at 12:53 pm

gee, robert, thanks for that! i, too, used to come to the lake in the summer because this house was my grandmother’s, except it was a tiny one-bedroom cottage. she didn’t have a dock or anything, so we’d scramble down the rocks to get into the water. we appreciate how lucky we are to be able to live here now! and hey, did you see the eclipse?


Robert Dugger November 19, 2017 at 3:38 pm

Thanks for responding to my comment. We had friends from Springfield stay over at our home for the weekend of the eclipse, but as for myself, I had to remain inside due to the hot temperatures outside. I had just been released from the hospital two weeks before. I have emphysema and require oxygen 24/7 so going out in that kind of temp was not good for me. But we did enjoy the event. Good luck with all of your projects. Looks like you folks stay pretty busy. I will be reading on this end.

Robert and Darla Dugger


grace November 19, 2017 at 4:01 pm

thanks again, robert, and i hope you don’t let the emphysema get you down…i’m glad you’re out of the hospital! we do stay fairly busy, with plenty of sitting around as well. the colder weather is making me want to just stay inside all the time!


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