here in springfield,

by grace on October 24, 2017

it feels like the end of october.  brrrr, it’s cold and grey and rainy.  yuck.  we’re about to go see the new “blade runner,” to forget all about this weather.

les paul refuses to give up this dangerous behavior.  those cushions for the end of the dock are sagging so much, it seems that eventually they won’t support his weight.

that would be a very bad day.

but then he’s just so dang cute…

one day while running on the lake road i decided to venture into this path through the greenery.

it looked like more than a deer path because it was so wide.

and there was a swing!  i was surprised to see it.  i don’t know if anybody ever swings there, but it was funny to find this secret spot.

here’s the view from the swing.  it is a nice wooded area, but on the other hand there are spectacular lake views on the other side of the road.  but maybe somebody feels the need to really be alone?


i didn’t find any other paths from the swing, but was so glad to have found it.

ok then,

mrs. almost halloween hughes.



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