here in october…

by grace on October 6, 2020

…are a few photos from september. I love this picture so much, Lovey sitting in front of my pelican/goose collection.

Shortly after that she sprawled out on the floor so relaxed, at least for a moment.

And then totally content! it didn’t last long, but she frequently spends at least a little time in the living room with us before she has to dash off somewhere more secluded.

Lester on a walk that same day, Sept. 20th.

I recently came across this very very old piece of paper when going through old letters. mom sent this to me maybe 20 years ago? i felt it needed to be put up on the fridge even though i already firmly believe in the words.

it’s a beautiful morning and i’m about to head back out to the front porch to do more painting. mom came over and helped with the priming for a couple of hours yesterday and now it’s time to paint hopefully a final coat of white. I’ll also add some red trim but that won’t be today.

i hope your tuesday is a good one…

ok then,


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