here in january

by grace on January 22, 2020

Brrrr…well, it’s not so bad today as yesterday.

But still. January. not my favorite month.

Lester doesn’t mind.

I think i took this when walking from mom’s house to mine. so many deer relaxing.

this is one of the lights in front and i was fascinated by the light it cast when walking by it at night.

les is very proud of kevin’s hard work in cleaning up his main work area of the basement.

Sweetie continues to get more comfortable; just the other day she was eating and Riley was lying there and their tails touched. very historic.

In hopes of being more like Les Paul, Sweetie has jumped up on the counter a couple of times. it’s funny because then she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do up there. Or maybe she’s hoping for a treat.

Riley, always mellow.

ok then,

g. hughes

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