happy valentine’s day!

by grace on February 14, 2018

i hope it is a good one for you.  here, it’s a warm day at least, although there’s no sign of the sun thus far.

winnie is much happier now that chester is gone.  he hangs around near us most of the time, and he’s more calm.  so even though we’re sad, at least winnie is pleased…he’s about 16 years old now, and he likes to sleep more than ever.  but he also follows me when i take les for a walk.

the lake is so low that lester sat out on our neighbor’s floating dock, not floating right now.  the lake is so low that kevin say yesterday he was able to walk under our dock.  i need to go down to the water to see that.

most photogenic kitty ever, rolling around in the dirt.

because i got up so early yesterday morning i was able to take a picture of the sunrise.  it was so beautiful, with all the blooming flowers in the not-hot-tub room.  we could call it the nursery i guess, or maybe just the room next to the bedroom.

because i have to work tonight, we’re going out for a valentine’s day lunch at a new restaurant, and then we’re going to take a walk because it’s going to be much warmer today.  yay, walking!

ok then,

mrs. february 14th hughes.


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