happy new year!

by grace on December 31, 2019

i’m taking a break from writing about NYC to wish you all a lovely new year. i have a cold, so we’re spending the night sitting around.

we did have some new year’s eve day excitement though – we went to see the latest “star wars.” i was going to call it the “final” star wars but i honestly don’t think there will ever be such a thing. i mean, this one seemed like it wrapped up many things and appeared to be the finale, but it’s doubtful they’ll ever stop making them.

i thought it was highly entertaining, myself. there were, of course, a few long chasing around flying shooting scenes but that was to be expected. it seemed that the plot zipped along and i can’t believe it was two and a half hours in length.

i feel like a bunch of guys (yeah, maybe some women, but i don’t think hollywood is really changing that much from a boy’s club) sat around and said, “ok, let’s make a movie that doesn’t suck.” and that’s what they did.

Kevin is more of a Star Wars connoisseur. Actually, he’s in a whole different Star Wars league – he says he saw the first movie when it came out in theaters close to 150 times.

that’s a lot of times.

His impression of this movie is that it was very derivative. That makes total sense – when the guys were sitting around the table pondering about how to make a movie that doesn’t suck, i’m sure one of them said, “why don’t we just re-write the first one?” and everybody else said, “hey, great idea!” The first one was a big hit, so might as well just re-make it.

I also think that that’s what they’ll start doing soon, re-making the originals.

anyway, it was nice to go to our super nice theater less than 15 minutes away with the comfy reclining seats and wide armrests. i lined up my kleenex, various cold remedies that i take, and a snack up on the armrest and tilted my chair back so it was almost like lying on the couch.

yes, we’re definitely going over-the-top crazy around here this new year’s eve day.

merry merry,


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