happy…day after thanksgiving…

by grace on November 24, 2017

right, right, it’s black friday. didn’t make it out to the stores early this morning, because that’s not something i’m into.

here’s my personal revelation i had last night…to me, and i know this is probably sacrilege to many, i think thanksgiving is a stupid holiday.

even if you have a family you like and enjoy spending time with (and it’s probably just me, but i think that’s a kind of rare thing)…thanksgiving is really just about food. eating way too much food. preparing the food, worrying if there’s going to be enough food, cleaning, prepping, lots and lots of eating…it just seems dumb to me that it’s a holiday celebrating food. plus it seems to make most people i know very stressed out.

i guess i’m just cynical, or maybe i know more stressed-out people than average. all i know is, next year we’re eating out.

on a happier note…here are some photos of the spectacular red maples along the road by the university. the color is so vibrant that i’m amazed every time i see these trees, and i stopped running long enough to take a bunch of photos.

this is the real color; it’s so vibrant that it almost doesn’t look real! (kind of the red color that my hair is at the moment.)


i took the photos way back on november 5th and i bet the leaves have all fallen by now. it’s a sunny warm day, and i might yet get off the couch and go find out.

i used to have a stack of miscellaneous papers sitting on top of the bread box, but then i cleaned them all away, but then of course they found their way back. but les or chester constantly feels obliged to paw them all off onto the counter. sometimes one of them will chew on one of the papers. i finally cleaned it again the other day, so hopefully it’ll be clean, for a few days anyway.

i have enough trouble trying to keep the counter clean and maybe the cats just want me to know that it doesn’t really matter. or maybe they’re saying CLEAN UP ALREADY.

hard to say with cats.

ok then,

mrs. day after thanksgiving hughes.


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Robert Dugger November 24, 2017 at 4:26 pm

I agree, Grace. Thanksgiving has been commercialized much like many other holidays in our great America. I am just thankful to be an American with a loving wife and a warm home. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


grace November 24, 2017 at 7:12 pm

happy (day after) thanksgiving to you, robert!


Christia November 26, 2017 at 7:53 am

I like Thanksgiving personally. I have been working hard to get the Christmas orders done and getting worn down and tired. Then right in the middle of the season is a day off (Thanksgiving). I woke up about noon, stumbled to the kitchen for coffee and a turkey sandwich then crawled back into bed. I hope your holidays are wonderful.


grace November 26, 2017 at 11:07 am

i’m glad you like thanksgiving, christia, but it appears that it’s more of a nice break for you, instead of the mad planning stressing cleaning cooking thing that it is for many people.


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