grand champeen!

by grace on June 26, 2011

kevin just sent me these photos; he got FIRST PLACE in the smoothbore individual competition; he was shooting with the “A” shooters, the best of the best.  good job, honey!  he was also on the A team for the smoothbore team shoot and they won first place!  whoo hoo!

this isn’t the A team, but rather kevin, some guy i don’t know, garrick, and brian.  garrick and brian stayed in our popup.

meanwhile…this morning mollie and i took a walk, and a deer was pretty close to us.  i didn’t even realize mollie started chasing it til i saw this picture.

the corn gets CRAZY HIGHER every time we go for a walk.  all the rain must be really good for it.

the deer greeted us again when we walked home.

i’ve been sitting out in the hot tub room, photoshopping pictures and of course i had to take pictures of les paul because he’s JUST SO CUTE!

and sooooo tired…

ok then,

mrs. sunday afternoon relaxing hughes.

Kev June 28, 2011 at 9:09 am

In the picture of the 4 Amigos (4 Musketeers?) the guy I’m standing next to is Sam Leinicki. He’s a GREAT shooter, a history major at NIU (my alma mater FYI) and an all around nice guy… We like Sam!!

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