by grace on April 11, 2014

here’s the kitty condo, which les immediately had to check out.

this isn’t such a great photo, but it’s a rare one, since both chester and les were in it.  i think winnie has gotten in once.

erica sent me this photo of her sweet kittie heidi, who was hiding in the clothes basket.  erica claims that heidi spies on her from the basket.

this was march 4th, when there was a smooth layer of ice on the lake and the geese were hanging out, looking like they were walking on water.

a huge, huge flock of gulls…

another rare photo, chester making contact.  even though he’s getting more tame, he doesn’t like to be touched so often, and don’t even think of picking him up or having him sit in your lap!  maybe in a few years he’ll become more friendly.  in the meantime, he does enjoy our company.

mom got cataract surgery, they do it one eye at a time, spaced a week apart.  here’s the first one, with her right eye dilated in a freaky-looking way.  she and the doctor both had to initial her forehead so they didn’t do the wrong one.  i guess they do this with all kinds of surgery.

mom and erica enjoying some st. patrick’s day parade beers.  the parade was kinda long, and a little bit boring, but it was kind of nice out that day, not freezing or crazy windy for a change, so that was nice.  it was just good to be outside.  now if i liked beer, that woulda been better.

here’s mom looking much more confident about getting her second eye done, plus she’s wearing lipstick which is more cheerful.  i can’t exactly remember what she initially wrote on her forehead, but it wasn’t the right thing so she crossed it out and it did look a little bit mad.

i set a bag of dry cat food on the floor and chester was very eager to dig in.  he did manage to finally get it open, after much effort on his part.

a friend of amy’s had this big down bed pad thing and amy has had it for years, not wanting to get rid of it but not having any use for it.  so she finally had the brilliant idea of giving it to us, and it’s lying on top of the hot tub cover and winnie immediately snuggled right down onto it.  since then i’ve covered it with a sheet, which is now completely covered with cat hair, of course.

maybe if i set chester on top of the kitty condo he’ll stay there.  but there’s a 100% chance that he’ll instantly jump down because he does not want to be arranged!  les, on the other hand, is usually perfectly happy if i set him on the highest platform, which i’ve put a comfy pillow on top of.

noodle and numie, enjoying some sun on their deck.

and there you go, now i’m halfway through march already!  this bodes well for all the stuff that i can theoretically accomplish today!

but only in theory.

ok then,

mrs. friday morning one bonus posting hughes.

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