giant chicken!

by grace on July 27, 2017

the addition of the giant window was fantastic, but i’m in love with my new giant chicken.


lester, however, was nonplussed.

here’s the view of the chicken from out new giant window.

yeah, technically it is a rooster, but i like saying “giant chicken” better.  i was at menard’s early in july, and for some reason i was feeling like of blue.  blueness makes me buy things, i’ve realized.  i bought the beautiful, although a noxious weed in australia, duranta tree, and then i came across the GIANT CHICKEN.  and decided that i had to have it.  i lugged it to the checkout, but they said i’d have to order it, that was a floor model.  so i lugged it back and walked the mile to the ordering place, and they said, no, you can’t order it anymore, you have to buy the floor model.

by this time i’d been happy about ordering it because there was a small dent under his chin, but then i was more happy to carry him right out to my car.

he sat around in the screened porch for a while, until kevin was able to secure him into the ground.  he’d come with a bunch of inferior stakes that wouldn’t have kept him upright for any length of time, so kevin bent a few piece of rebar and pounded them into the ground.

we’ve had a few pretty big storms since he’s been in place down at the water, so i’m confident that he’ll stay securely there til we have to pull him up for winter.

so the big chicken and the big window, by far the most excitement i’ve had this summer.

ok then,

mrs. really close to the end of july hughes.



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Kev July 28, 2017 at 8:28 pm

You think we’re going to be able to pull up those rebar stakes?? Silly bear….!


grace July 30, 2017 at 6:12 pm

???!!! we have to! otherwise our GIANT CHICKEN will surely be ill-affected by the harsh winter!!!


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