getting the boat out of the water for the year…

by grace on September 25, 2017

we did this just a few hours ago, and i want to post this to show the dramatic difference in the water level between when we took the boat out for repair on august 18th, and today.

there goes kevin again, after untying all the ropes so i could set sail.

many of the huge leaves have fallen off the sycamore so there’s a big “crunch crunch crunch” sound when you walk, sweltering in the heat.

for the first time ever, today i decided to sit on the seat behind the captain’s seat as kevin pulled the boat our of the water.  why did i always feel the need to sit in the captain’s seat?  did i think i was somehow steering, like a kid on one of those little rides they had at the grocery store, do they still have those anymore?

so today, after sitting up front for so many years, i finally wised up and sat back in the shade.

i’m very very slow at figuring stuff out.

but on the other hand, hey, i posted something on the very day that it happened, this is certainly a rarity.

ok then,

mrs. let’s not get all cocky about things because the momentum rarely lasts hughes.

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