Geese on the Frozen Lake

by grace on January 24, 2020

On Tuesday January 21st there were lots of geese in the yard and down on the recently-frozen lake so I decided to walk down and take some photos.

And of course because i was creeping down to the water they got nervous and flew out of the yard and onto the lake. i love a picture of birds in flight.

luckily they didn’t fly away but were landing on the water right in front of me.

even though i was being slow and quiet they all turned their backs on me and began slowly walking away.

it didn’t take long for them to calm down, though, and pretty soon they started marching along towards our neighbor’s open water.

i took a video of their march, hoping to capture the fist one bobbing down into the water.

but of course they were slow and i stopped shooting. when they finally started to swim i got this picture…

…and here’s a very short video of them very happy to be in the water.

it was so freezing out that day and the thought of plunging into the lake seemed horrible to me. but i’m sure the geese were content.

it was so cold that when i took off my gloves to press the button on my phone my fingers were so freezing.

it’s not quite as bad today. but still january.

ok then, happy friday,

mrs. h.

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