fyi at 1:55 a.m. (very very early on tuesday morning)

by grace on December 14, 2010

i dunno, maybe you stay up this late anyway…i went to bed EARLY because i was tired and because it’s too cold to stay up any longer.  i woke up once, and then i woke up again, and i figured it must have been four a.m. – but it was only midnight.

i’m sitting here on the couch and it’s very VERY cold in here now.  i think the thermostat is turned down to sixty.  i would go check but all the lights are off and i have a blanket over my shoulders.

i don’t feel sleepy at all.  i was thinking about various xmas things i have to accomplish, random things, and decided i might as well get up and shop online.  i found a few good things.

must hurry up with all of it.

winnie was lying on the chair in the office but he came out to sleep next to me, purring. he was VERY VERY MAD at me earlier tonight – i’d walk by him and he’d MEOW AND MEOW, really loudly. he was DESPERATE to go outside. i let him out the window, he stood there in the snow for literally enough time to stand and then turn around to be let back in. he is VERY VERY UPSET by the snow and the bitter cold. hopefully it’ll warm up a little later in the week so he can at least go out for 10 minutes. right now he’s just one angry kitten.

anyway, here is a VERY VERY FUNNY CARTOON VIDEO that kevin found, on some cop website that he reads, i guess.  it’s VERY VERY FUNNY, fyi, so you should watch it.

BLUtube is powered by

ok then, maybe i’ll go lie down again,

mrs. wide-awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night hughes.

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