by grace on June 10, 2022

I had to check my calendar to see that it is, indeed, Friday, because things are still a little fuzzy in my brain. I’m doing better today, got some sleep last night, and I think I’m going to try a little light weeding in a while because it’s cool and cloudy today and then the temps are going to skyrocket into the 90s feeling like the 100s in a few days and it appears that might go on for quite a while. Plus the dreaded Chameleon plants, the noxious weed from last year, have been popping up again. I got them under control before my surgery but they’ve managed to flourish since then.

When I left the hospital on Monday they were going to give me Oxycodone to take home, but my surgeon said that I absolutely wouldn’t bet getting that horrible drug. He mentioned the mini series “Dopesick,” which I plan on watching, and he said he hated the Sacklers. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, but now reading about the movie makes me want to watch it, but to also not watch. It seems these evil Sacklers were greatly responsible for the opiod crisis and of course it’s all about greed.

Anyway, Wednesday night, “Riverdance” was phenomenal. I was very unsure about leaving the house but Kevin dropped me off at the lower level of the auditorium so I wouldn’t have to take the long walk from the parking lot. I had to wait a long time for the elevator but knew I didn’t have the energy for the stairs.

I wanted to see the show so much because Kevin had gone to a performance the first time they toured, 25 years ago, and then saw a couple years later and he bought tickets in 2019 and it was postponed so much and he really, really wanted to see it again. He saw it with the original company and kept talking about Eileen Ivers, who was the original fiddler for the show. I just looked her up and she actually replaced the very very first fiddler.

I didn’t know that “Riverdance” is actually a show, something that basically doesn’t change, like a musical you’d see. I had a vague idea that it was a group that had a changing set of dances. But no, it’s basically the same pieces, and besides the Irish dancing, there’s a flamenco dancer, Russian dancers, and two African-American tap-dancers who were outstanding.

The fiddler in the current production, which is the 25th Anniversary tour, was tiny and cute and blonde and managed to strut and twirl around the stage wearing relatively high heels while doing all this amazing fiddling. And the dancers – in particular, this Russian fellow (an actual Russian? don’t know) did this incredible jump thing, even more impressive than those side kick things that you think of with Russian dancers. Instead, this was squatting and kicking out front and raising his hands off the ground and he did about a million of them.

When my stomach is back to normal I will be dying to attempt it just because it seems so mysterious.

The show was so energetic that it was a little tiring just watching, and I kept thinking how incredibly fit all these performers had to be and marveling that they kept it up night after night. Incredible, incredible dancing. The backdrop was also magical; it was some kind of sophisticated projection with beautiful images of Ireland as well as other things.

The auditorium was packed all the way up to the highest balcony and yet there were at least 20 empty seats on one side of us and another dozen or so next to the couple next to us, so at intermission we moved to be right in the center. I’m sure people didn’t show up because of Covid, but like I said, the place was mostly packed.

I hope it’s not too long before it comes back because I certainly want to see it again.

I’ve been wandering around the house doing little things in between writing this and when I felt lightheaded after pulling up a locust sprout that had emerged between the back deck beams I realized that maybe the light weeding will have to wait til tomorrow. I’d told myself that surely I’d be feeling pretty back to normal today and of course I’m frustrated that I’m not. But feeling better, that’s a good thing to focus on.

Now my plan is to try to finally get back to my kazillions of photos and videos of our trip to Seattle, so I can start posting those again. A good and reasonable goal, I believe.

Ok then,

Mrs. Friday Hughes.

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