first video of florida

by grace on March 11, 2019

gee, that was fast! i shot this first video after we finally made it to our condo overlooking the ocean in Seagrove Beach, FL. we’d driven a long time that day; we left on friday feb. 22nd and after we’d driven about six hours and made it to the north of nashville, it started to rain and get dark and the traffic was awful, so we decided to not deal with the traffic around the city and just pull over.

we found a little motel that was just fine, plus kevin said it was the very best in-room coffee he’d ever had anywhere. gee whiz!

the only problem is that we had a very long drive on saturday feb. 23rd. we got up at 5:30! and left by 6:30, arriving in seagrove beach at 2:45 in the afternoon.

our first stop was the UPS store because i’d remembered that i left every one of my chargers for all my electronics at home on the kitchen counter. you’d think i’d have remembered such basic things, but because they weren’t on my list i didn’t remember them. i especially needed my fitbit charger, so mom was super nice to mail them all down to seagrove beach to the UPS store, which was closing at 4:00, so we had to arrive before then.

which is why we made such good time. we then walked over to the Publix, where they were having some kind of mardi gras celebration with many, many delicious samples of deliciousness, plus they gave us a free mardi gras reusable shopping bag. plus we bought some fresh shrimp and they cooked it for us, a nice first-night meal at our condo.

when we finally got to our condo before 4:00, i realized how tired i was, because as you know i’m not a morning person and 5:30 is way before my getting-up time.

i made this short video, and in it, i say “comma” and “exclamation point,” because i was obviously beyond tired, so somehow my addled brain thought i was talking to text.

ok then,


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