First photo of Winnie

by grace on January 24, 2019

on tuesday i was scrounging around in a cabinet, looking for frames to put some of winnie’s photos in, and i found yet another big stack of pictures.

here’s the very first picture i took of winnie! i was ridiculously happy that i found it.

he’s perched up on a portable bed, so tiny…

so darling!

Here are two more photos from that first time i took him down to the lake.

down by the lake, early fall 2002

and more photos of him and Honey back in 2003, right after we’d gotten Honey.

Even though i couldn’t manage to get the colors right from this scanned photo, i like it because it’s honey and winnie…and then, in back of them, sweet little shortie. and waaay back there, i just realized, is GK.

Honey, Winnie, Shortie, GK 2003

One final photo for today – here’s Honey, i assume on her first walk down to the water? it’s funny; Honey was much more adventurous than Winnie, and i remember once that i was driving home and saw her coming from the woods across the road. i think that’s when we decided we would’t let her out anymore? ironic, that she lived such a short life, not from getting hit by a car or eaten by a wild animal, but instead she had a massive tumor. sweet little kitty.

Honey as a kitten

All this is making me sad again, so now i think i’ll go to mom’s house and hang out with her two sweet kitties.

ok then,

mrs. h, deep in winter

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