first day in florida

by grace on January 27, 2015

and we took it easy.  well, first we spent a good three hours driving around, trying to find some kind of connector for the camping fridge.  the connector had broken and kevin thought it would be “easy” to find a replacement.  i believe his words were something like “they’d have one anywhere.”

so we went to target, which was just down the road.  it was a SUPER target, extra big, and we wandered around there for a good long while.  we didn’t find one of the little things, but we did get a fan, because we hadn’t brought a fan because we didn’t realize that it was going to be so very warm there in florida.

the target was in a huge, huge fancy strip mall, so we wandered over to the sports authority.  nope, no connector things there, either.  i did buy a new pair of pants that you can zip off into shorts, though.

and then…where?  best buy.  the guy at sports authority was sure that they’d have them at best buy, he even told us the wall they’d be on.

you guessed it.  no dice.  more wandering around the store, and we even asked a few people, and they kept sending us to different parts of the store, but we finally realized they didn’t have one.  we then called an auto parts store – it was a converter thing that you could plug the kind of thing that you plug into your car into.

some kind of thing.  that nobody at all had.

i feel we might have tried a few other places, but maybe not, and we were totally sick of shopping, so we finally went back to our campground.

that’s when we decided to take a “hike” – the campground had a map, and it looked like a nice trail along the river.  i put on my new zipper pants, my suncreen, my new bug repellant, and off we went.  it literally took us 10 minutes to get to the end of the trail.

here’s my in my hiking regalia, complete with water bottle for the arduous journey.

at least it was neat and tidy outside our camper, even though the inside was somewhat of a shambles.

hopefully, here i’m about to take a picture, not texting somebody as we hike.  cause that would have been annoying.

there was private land on the other side of the river, and these people had a dock.

here’s me studying the map, probably realizing that we were almost at the end of the trail.  plus the ALLIGATOR WARNING sign.

we decided to head back the other way, to the koreshan historic site part of the park.  here’s me amidst the giant bamboo.

and this is one of the koreshan houses; this one housed the “planetary chamber,” the seven women who comprised the koreshan governing council.

here’s what the koreshan state park site says briefly about the koreshans:

Throughout its history, Florida has welcomed pioneers of all kinds. Cyrus Reed Teed was probably the most unusual, bringing followers to Estero in 1894 to build New Jerusalem for his new faith, Koreshanity. The colony, known as the Koreshan Unity, believed that the entire universe existed within a giant, hollow sphere.

we walked into some of the building around the settlement, and watched a video about cyrus teed.  one thing we learned is that a german man owned the vast acreage, and teed and a bunch of his followers came to visit and teed convinced the man that this was going to be a new and exciting religion, so the guy gave him almost all his land.  one of the rules of the religion was abstinence, but in watching the video it seemed clear that teed encouraged women to leave their husbands and come join the religion – and he was quite a ladies man – so maybe the abstinence only went so far.

this is one of my favorite things about the settlement:

cute gopher tortoise, nestled down in his hole.

when we came back from our hike, it suddenly hit us that we could order the cord on amazon!  one of the rangers told us that people got packages at the campgrounds all the time, so we ordered the cord, and then made some freeze-dried camp spaghetti.

we have a wide variety of these meals; all you do is add boiling water to the bag, and it’s ready really fast, and all the ones we had were really delicious.

and then we watched the first “hobbit” in our little camper, because we hoped to go see the third and final one at the movies.

the funny thing is – this first day of camping was new year’s eve day!  i’ve never spent new year’s eve in a camper.  it was a delightful change of pace.

we started hearing fireworks from town earlier in the day, and they continued in the evening, and we went to sleep before midnight, but i woke up about 11:30 and people were really shooting them off.  actually, we continued to hear fireworks for the next few days.  people in ft. myers are clearly very celebratory.

on new year’s day, we went to the edison and ford winter estates and both of us took a ridiculous amount of pictures, which i’m going to try to pare way, way down.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday hughes.

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