final photos of june

by grace on July 22, 2017

so, ta da, the final photos of june as july zooms right along.

here’s bev, giddy with excitement when she spent the night a few weeks ago – she had a procedure done at the hospital and they told her she shouldn’t be alone for 24 hours in case anything happened.

all that happened is we had a rollicking good time.

more fun – this is in at the side of the old state capitol.  i went to a “yoga celebration” there, which was peaceful and lovely.  it was hosted by an orginization called The Art of Living – it’s a” non-for-profit volunteer based NGO present in over 150 countries. Founded in 1982 by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the foundation has been a platform for numerous educational and service activities. ”

about twenty or 30 of us went through a gentle yoga practice.

but it reminded me of the day, august 23rd, 2008, when Obama came to town to announce his running mate.  Mom and i spent hours on the lawn, waiting for him to show up.  it was a blisteringly hot day and we had to stand around for hours, and they wouldn’t let anybody take any water onto the grounds.  but it didn’t matter – it was a happy, happy day. *sigh*

fun on the boat!  this was june 25th, less than a month ago, and it was a bit chilly when we set out in the evening.

we went under the Vachel Lindsay bridge and all the way across the lake, admiring the huge relatively new house that looks like a very fancy lodge.  and then the boat died.  luckily it was just out of gas and luckily we had extra…but when i hooked up the gas line to the spare tank, it wouldn’t start.  uh oh.

i tried and tried to get it to start, but no luck.  it was getting a bit dark and we appeared to be the only people out on this evening.

i called kevin, who quizzed me about how i’d connected the line.  turns out tha even though it seemed to fit right down into the tank, i could easily pull it up because it was backwards.  whew about that.

we hurried back home as it got more and more chilly, and toun wrapped up in one of the many towels on the boat.

it’s funny to think that it was that cold less than a month ago, and right now it feels like 113.

here’s randy’s cat pee wee, doing his best to relax.

the next day when i took les for a walk, this heron was standing around on our neighbors’ dock.

les hasn’t been out with me for several days – maybe it’ll be cool enough to go for a walk on monday.

this was one of those times when it sure did look like there was rain in the sky, but it didn’t manage to make it over here.

les thoroughly enjoyed playing under the seat cover on the boat.

hese passing geese were a family including a few teenage geese – you can tell that they’re getting big, but not full-grown yet.

i love these tall grasses right down in the water -kevin says they’re cattails.  i want some.

i think amy bought me this gardenia at least a few years ago, and i’m pretty sure this is the first time it’s had this many blooms at once.  it didn’t look healthy all winter, but it’s been bloming like crazy all summer.  such a heavenly scent.

whew.  there it is, june.

ok then,

mrs. staying out of the heat today hughes.

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