by grace on November 5, 2022

I just might not get back to photos from summer as fall continues to roar ahead as it does. It actually felt like summer yesterday, reaching the 70s in the afternoon. I spent as much time as possible outside, including going for a jog wearing shorts and a t shirt and then washing and waxing my car. I used this terrific and easy to use car polish that we bought at the car show that we attended in September. The directions said you could use it to both wash and wax the car not even using water but Kevin thought it’d be better for me to give it a quick wash first. The polish was, indeed, great, and the car is very shiny now.

As I was washing it I realized that it wasn’t even that dirty, mostly because I don’t go many places. I hope that we get to take a trip again…

Here’s a few photos from Sept. 30th, when Lester joined Kevin down on his sailboat.

Here’s a short video of Les’s adventure.

Of course he had to jump down into the cabin!

Early in the morning of October 8th Kevin took these beautiful sunrise photos.

This one is so cool, with the reflection of the moon in the water.

And this was also very cool; early on Halloween evening, a fog rolled in. Very Halloweeny!

Today it has been chilly and so windy, a good day to stay inside.

Ok then,

Mrs. very soon it’ll be Thanksgiving already Hughes.

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