Here’s a very quick video of our Air B&B in Clearwater Beach. I took this before we went to dinner, and before I’d strewn my stuff all over the place. I was clearly exhausted when I took the video because at the end I dropped the F bomb, something I try not to do in public.

The friendly Air B&B manager, Matt, had given us a lift in his golf cart to a nearby bar/restaurant with live music. The woman playing was good, and the margaritas were refreshing. I had some kind of fish wrap and coconut rice, which I’d never had before and it was so delicious that I’m going to look up recipes for it to make at home.

We took the short walk back to our place and I’d never seen such fancy embellishments at any place I’ve ever stayed. Clearly the cleaning people had taken some special course in folding stuff.

Looking a little bleary-eyed the next morning, with the Mandalay Channel in the background.

It was cool to walk out and see the water, second only to actually staying on the beach.

Finally I got to do one of my favorite things, running on the beach. I didn’t go very far or very fast (not that I ever go fast) because during our trip I was battling a cold.

As I detailed in an earlier post, I got back to our place and spent way too much time looking up how to charge an electric car and signing up for charging apps and lots of other car-related nonsense. We finally took a short drive to a Publix and I managed to re-charge the car a bit.

We had a lovely lunch out in the sunshine and enjoyed the afternoon.

We packed up the nice beach chairs and towels in a little beach cart and trundled the four minute walk across the island to the beach to see the sun set. A guy was out there parasailing, although is that what it’s called? I don’t think so. I mean there’s a kite and there’s the guy on a surfboard. Kitesurfing! Also called Kiteboarding.

After I took that selfie, a woman engaged Mom in conversation because Mom was wearing a Cardinals hat. She offered to take our picture and we obliged, although I can’t imagine why she thought we’d want out whole bodies including our legs in the picture. But it was very nice of her.

I’d read about a pizza place in between the beach and our place, and we stopped there on our way back and picked one up. The pizza place was called Alba, in case you’re ever in the area, and it was outstanding. We enjoyed a lovely dinner out on our deck and luckily we were the only people in our little condo who wanted to eat there.

In spite of the electric car frustrations, it was a pretty darn good day.

Ok then,