DON’T BE DUMB. plus beautiful orchid blooms

by grace on June 11, 2021

Don’t be dumb, that’s me talking to me. You can do whatever you want, but I, personally, I’m trying like crazy to not be dumb.

So far it’s not working out super great.

It’s all about my dumb knee and how I keep doing things that make it feel really, really bad. Last week I tried doing some squats which felt fine but then afterwards it was OOWWWWWWWW.

Monday I decided that I could drive to the grocery store – I hadn’t been driving since I injured myself. The driving seemed OK but then the pain started as I walked all around the store and by the time I got home it was back to OWWWWW.

Ok, so don’t walk around a big store and don’t do squats. But then on Wednesday I added one little yoga move to my core training. It’s a “bird dog,” also called “balancing table pose,” with one leg and the opposite knee out and I just looked it up and it’s called Dandayamana Bharmanasana in Sanskrit. With a name like that, it’s no wonder I’ve never heard a yoga teacher utter it.

Anyway, I balanced on the good knee, just fine, and then on the bad knee and I thought “this is great!”

It always takes a bit of time for the pain to start coursing through my knee, which of course it did when I finished.

Don’t walk around a big store. No squats, no balancing table pose, and you probably shouldn’t drive, either. I drove just a little today and it didn’t end up well.

Amy suggested that I make a list of things that make my knee hurt so I’ll remember not to do them but I decided that it will be simpler to just not be dumb.

Don’t. Be. Dumb.

On Wednesday we went to Sam’s Club and I said I’d be fine walking, I’d go slowly, but Amy was very insistent that I use one of those motorized shopping carts.

Naturally, she had to take a video.

It was a little bit fun riding around in it, but it also didn’t go very fast and also it’d be easy to crash into somebody if you weren’t paying enough attention. I also wondered what other people thought about me cruising around since I wasn’t wearing a cast or even a knee brace. It was amusing to back up because there’d be a loud beeping when I did that.

I did manage to get out of there without more knee pain so of course I should listen to Amy. Here we were in the big line to get our receipts scanned as I did my best not to crash into Mom who was standing around in front of me.

Today I started reading some medical articles online about whether or not you should even have surgery on a torn meniscus and although I didn’t understand a lot of it, it made me worry about the whole thing even more. Amy suggested that I call the doctor and make an appointment to talk to them about it, so I’ll do that on Monday.

And once again, blah blah blah me and my knee.

Here are some photos of my beautiful orchid which keeps blooming again like crazy.

Here it is on May 25th with one bloom.

On June 1st, just a week later, three blooms.

June 8th, I think there were five blooms.

Two days ago, June 9th, six blooms.

Yesterday, June 10th, eight blooms! There are still eight opened right now but I’m sure there will be more tomorrow.

I read about getting an orchid to re-bloom, but I wonder if it’ll do it again? When Kevin gave it to me for our anniversary back in September the blooms lasted at least a couple of months. So pretty.

We have sizzling hot heat around here right now and there’s no end in sight. Surely it won’t be like this all summer? We’ll see.

Meanwhile, back at the first of the month,

Spot made himself at home! He hasn’t been back up on the kitty bed on top of the wheelbarrow since then but it’s been so sweltering that it might be a bit warm for him up there. He does come around just about every day, sometimes twice a day, and enjoys a nice meal with a refill. Lemondrop, the other feral kitty, also usually comes by.

Friday night, I hope your weekend is a good one.

Ok then,

Mrs. June Hughes.

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