do birds like cheesecake?

by grace on December 27, 2009

that is my question for the day.  i hope to find this out soon.

i made kevin a delicious lowfat, low-sugar pumpkin cheesecake for thanksgiving.  because we had so many desserts, we finally put it in the basement refrigerator.  i just found it a few days ago.

it had no mold growing on it, and it smelled just fine.  i even tasted it, and it tasted perfectly good.

but there was just something about the fact that it had been in the fridge for such a long time…today i finally decided that i needed to get rid of it.  kevin hadn’t been eating it, so it was clearly not going to get eaten.  i’m much too busy eating xmas cookies and chocolates to fool around with some nutritious cheesecake.

we had a couple of inches of snow overnight and it snowed like crazy all morning and it’s still snowing but just a little.  kevin put out food for the birds, then i scooped all the snow away and put out more food, but i’m not doing it any more till the snow stops.  meanwhile the birds are digging around in the snow and eating the food.

i just set the cheesecake and half an apple out thee.  i know they’re scared of anything new, so i didn’t expect them to start eating them right away.  but i’m keeping an eye on them, hoping that pretty soon they’ll dig in.

a couple of weeks ago i attempted to give the geese in the lake some bread cubes (leftover in the freezer from last christmase’s fondue), and they flew away.  i’d hoped that they had become more tame now and tried it again this morning.  mollie was once again overjoyed to run down to the lake with me, knowing that i’d give her some cubes of delicious bread.

i did this right after i’d gotten up, and i was still in my jammies.  kevin took pictures of me, unbeknownst to me, because of course i’d have posed if i’d known.


kevin took this picture on christmas, before the snow came.  i bought this cute little birdhouse made of bird food from gardener’s supply catalog and the birds really like it.  over there on the right is the chimney, which i re-fill with bird seed, but they can eat all the stuff that the house is made of.  if/when they eat it all, i can replenish it with more bird food attached with peanut butter.


a woodpecker with an apple that kevin put out there the other day.


kevin took this this morning, but it snowed even more than that.  the sun is out a little bit now, but they’re still not interested in the cheesecake yet.  maybe they’d prefer the full-fat kind.  or maybe they don’t like pumpkin.


here’s kevin looking dapper the other day after he got home from receiving his special letter of commendation.


the problem with taking a picture of a christmas tree is that i haven’t figure out how to do it justice.  if i darken the photo so you can see the lights, then you can’t see the ornaments.  surely there must be a way to do it.


here’s mollie on christmas morning wolfing her giant bull dick.  yum, yum.


there’s a place called the victorian trading company and they have beautiful reproductions of all kinds of things.  i ordered a couple of christmas decorations from them, and sent kevin a link to this beautiful bracelet, which he bought for me.  it’s even more beautiful in real life.  i’m thinking of ordering the necklace that goes with it.


he also got me this cute little salt and pepper set from the same place.


and he got mollie some fancy dog treats from there, too.  she loved them, of course.



Numie and noodle came over to visit while amy and jim were at his sister’s house, so we gave them a treat, too.  it was hard to get a good photo of numie because he was wolfing it down so fast that his head looked like a blur in almost all the pictures.



last year kevin bought me a GIANT TV, and this year he bought me a blu-ray DVD player.  he bought me a couple of dvds, too, and then there was a dvd for him, and the tag read “from mollie and winnie.”  i thought it was highly amusing that he’d wrapped a present for himself.  it was the “wild bunch,” and he was very pleased with the gift.


he made his tags, and i had to save this one because it’s so cute.


i’m a sucker for personalized stuff, and i thought this would be perfect for our pool room.  i also got him a sweatshirt that reads “kevin’s handyman service – no job too small.”  he deosn’t need any new sweatshirts but since he’s constantly fixing something for somebody, i felt he really needed it.


dad, kevin and i all went together to buy mom this jacket.  we found it in the national geographic catalog, and it was designed by somebody in norway.  upon closer inspection, we realized that it had been made in china.  where they make everything.


amy and jim joined us for dinner – everything else was ready, but they weren’t here yet and we debated about waiting for them, but since they were bringing salad, green been casserole and twice-baked potatoes, there was really no point in eating before they got here.  i made yorkshire puddings, which i worried would get too done while waiting, but they were delicious.  if you’ve never tried them, you should look them up on  they’re kind of like popovers, only better.


tim and gena came over, too, and brought their beautiful dog Shiloh.


shiloh is an incredibly sweet dog, but she is very, very timid.  because tim and gena live in a condo that’s one-story, she doesn’t kow how to go up and down stairs, and she’s completely terrified of trying.  we kept taking her outside, trying to get her to go up and down the short set of stairs in the back, but she’d have none of it.  maybe if she comes over more, she’ll finally get brave.  she’s taller than mollie, so it’s not like the stairs would be difficult.  just very very scary.


i like it that mollie’s eyes are glowing here, it’s like she’s mesmerized by the array of cookies.  plus the beer.


david looked very festive in his christmas vest.


randy came over later and brought many many wonderful gifts, including some cardboard stand-ups of the characters in “up.”  he also bought me a pink sweater with sparkly stuff on it.


even this isn’t such a great photo of gena and tim, shiloh just looks so darling here…


ok, i have to clean my house now.  a big black bird just landed on the cheesecake with a piece of bird food in its mouth.   i’m going to go out now and sweep away the snow and sprinkle some bird food on top of the cheesecake.

ok then, merry two days after xmas,


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