diminishing brain function, each and every day!

by grace on July 1, 2018

I felt so good and virtuous, finally posting some photos a couple of hours ago after not doing so for much too long…but just now I got a text from my sweet aunt sandy, who kindly informed me that i’d posted photos of riley but wrote that he was chester.

brain dwindling.

each and every day.

just the other day I was flipping through a magazine somewhere and there were many many tips about keeping your mind sharp as you get older.

and of course I can’t remember any of them.

I do remember it said that playing video games is not something that will help the old noggin.   *sigh*

no wait, I do recall that it said gardening was good.  yaaay, me!  so much gardening…I supposed there’s a slim chance that it’ll balance out the games I play on my ipad.

I do what I can.  what else can I do?

it’s always something.


ok then,



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