definitely a boat!

by grace on August 7, 2010

a boat just zoomed by.  wait, now i think i hear another one, or maybe it’s the same one, running in circles.  so that guy, or those guys, got up earlier than me, and theoretically they did it because they wanted to.  i wonder if they’ll take a nap later today?

also, come to think of it, what do they do when they get to their fishing spot? wouldn’t it be really really hard to put a worm on a hook in the dark?  i know they’re probably more high-tech than that now and they don’t use worms but some other more…hi-tech kind of bait, but still, it must involve a pointy hook.  pointy hooks in the dark, i couldn’t even be trusted with a pointy hook in broad daylight.

it’s one thing to be sitting here at least knowing that i’ll eventually, after i stop reading about wyclef jean running for president of haiti, go back to sleep.  i can’t imagine driving to the lake towing a boat, then launching it IN THE DARK then zooming around out there.  THERE GOES ANOTHER ONE.  crazy fishermen.  it must not be a fishing contest because kevin says they don’t start till six.  plus, when there’s a fishing contest i can hear a big gaggle of them all roaring past at the same time, or in quick succession.

i should go out on the dock and see if i can see any more of them.  NO THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.  what if the brisk morning air wakes me up even more?  i’ll never get back to sleep, and i will not be a happy camper on five or so hours or sleep.

back to bed i go.

for real this time.

winnie would thoroughly enjoy it if we went out to the dock.  he’s desperate to get outside right now and leapt to the window when i got up just now to look at the boat.

WAIT, THERE’S ANOTHER ONE…but this one is slowly cruising in the opposite direction, away from the famous hot ditch next to the power plant.  is he done fishing already?  did he go out in the REAL middle of the night?  he he been out there all night?  does he have sandwiches so he won’t starve?  do they bring snacks out there with them?  surely they must…but who wants a sandwich at four in the morning?  FOUR THIRTY NINE NOW.  maybe they bring doughnuts.  mmmmm, doughnuts.

i’m really really stopping this madness now.

ok ok ok again,

grace still crazy very early on saturday morning and if i’m not careful it’ll be just “saturday morning” and my day will be shot due to crabbiness because of lack of sleep.

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