deer walk

by grace on February 17, 2012

kevin has been walking to his drumming class at lincolnland at night, and he keeps telling me about the many many deer he sees.  he’s seen as many as 50+…i think this must be deer happy hour, as they all congregate out on the soccer field to watch the sunset. last night i put the camera in his hands before he left.

here are a few in the spencer house yard, right at the beginning of his walk.

lots of fluffy white tails, as he started through the field.

kevin said that other deer ran after this lone deer.

so many of them in a line all across the playing field.

he said they didn’t run away from him, and luckily they didn’t try to rush him, either.

i will go out in the field some evening to see for myself.  it will be weird to go to the field without mollie, but i’m sure she would upset the delicate deer cocktail hour balance.

and here is the beautiful and regal winnie, who gets so neglected, photo-op wise.

ok then,

mrs. friday hughes.

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