darling kevin as a tot

by grace on February 15, 2020

there are about a million photos of me as a kid all around, but the ones of kevin are few and far between. he scanned a bunch of negatives and found a couple of him. here he’s with his family at new salem, i presume? kevin is the cute boy on the fence on the right.

here he’s on the porch with nick, bethe, and chris. kevin is second from the night, kind of smiling but maybe it wasn’t so easy to crack a smile.

right now he has some kind of viral thing; i took him to prompt care yesterday, the perfect way to spend valentine’s day, as he sat in the “sick” section and i waited in the “well” section except for some reason the sign for “well” was missing and i was worried that the big guy who came and sat down in my section might have been sick, but he wasn’t coughing or anything.

the wait was pretty long even though i’d gone online and reserved kevin a place in line. mostly he was back with the doctor for a long time because they had to check him for the flu. since amy just had it i guessed that kevin would too, but luckily it wasn’t that bad, although it’s certainly not good.

after getting back home yesterday i was going to hurry and make him some chicken soup but luckily i’d made a lot of it the last time he was sick and had frozen a couple of good-sized containers. whew.

he’s taken some alka-seltzer cough and flu medicine which helped him sleep and now i should definitely be going a whole lot of things, because mom and i are flying to florida tomorrow. we’re leaving here at 9:15 in the morning for a 12:45 flight out of st. louis and i know there are many little things i need to take care of. so i’d better get right to that.

and yes, it’s supposed to be in the EIGHTIES for most of the time we’re there, or also the 70’s and i’m pretty happy for that. but not happy to leave kevin home alone and sick, so hopefully family and friends will look after him. plus of course the kitties will take good care of him.

ok then,

mrs. about to be leaving on a jet plane but i definitely do know when i’ll be back again hughes.

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