by grace on March 12, 2010

i just can’t seem to get a handle on much of anything this morning, but i did take this picture of mollie who was looking so sweet, and so at least have to share that with you.

we’re now about to go running which i’m really not looking forward to because it’s cold and gray and just yucky outside.  but mollie is ECSTATIC, of course.


kevin went running with us on wednesday for the first time in 2 1/2 years – ever since he injured his knee.  things went well on wednesday except we only went for 17 minutes, and now i’m pretty sure he’s going to want to go longer which would be ok except for the yucky dreary weather.

PLUS, jim asked us about  how it was to run and kevin said, “it was fine, but of course we were just shuffling along.”

JUST SHUFFLING ALONG??!!!  I WAS RUNNING!  THAT’S HOW I RUN!  i guess i could have gone somewhat faster (if someone had been chasing me, maybe) but not a lot…

so now i guess we won’t go running right now, we’ll just be SHUFFLING ALONG.

ok then,

really really slowpokey grace.

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