Christmas Gifts

by grace on January 2, 2021

I spent a good portion of yesterday taking down every last decoration and also the tree. I kind of miss the lights already since it’s another gloomy day out there but am happy not to look at the gobs of xmas stuff all around.

Kevin loves chocolate covered cherries, and when he was a kid his dad would buy a box for his mom and kevin got one cherry every year. Because he was so deprived as a child I try to buy them for his birthday and Christmas.

But this year on his birthday I went to Pease’s candy store and was dismayed to learn that not only did they not have any, but somehow the cherries were defective and they wouldn’t be getting any more this year. I bought him a big box of dark chocolate toffee which he also likes.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I called Pease’s to make sure they had toffee, and the woman said that they had chocolate covered cherries! She said they were using a different source, and had 13 dark chocolate cherries left. I asked her to save them for me and hurried over that afternoon to pick them up. because it was an odd number, she’d put six each in two little boxes, and then the last one was in a tiny plastic bag. the cherries were all wrapped in gold foil.

As I started wrapping presents on Christmas eve day (should have started sooner) I got inspired, deciding to wrap Kevin’s lone cherry in a big box with a giant bow. Here it is.

On the box I wrote “open last,” so he’d feel it was something extra-fantastic. Here he is on Christmas morning…

And here’s the one little chocolate covered cherry. He had a good laugh, which was my objective.

I realize now that I could have tried getting some from other places, but I always felt that Pease’s was the best because it’s a small, locally-owned shop. But since they outsource the cherries, maybe I should have tried Fanny May. Maybe next time?

And this is the most dazzling thing that Kevin got me…

It’s a leather purse! Still to be assembled – he needed to know what color I wanted it to be before dying and putting it all together. It’s funny, because sometimes I heard a little “ping ping ping” coming from the basement but didn’t think a thing about it because there’s always some kind of noise down there. But it was Kevin, hard at work hand-tooling all those fine details into the leather. Such craftsmanship! I’ll post a picture of the complete purse.

To the right is a darling set of Mutts ornaments that he bought me. I’d already bought a set myself, and I’m very happy to have two of them. You can never have too many Mutts things, IMO.

All right, one final posting about Christmas and then that’s it, on to the new year. Actually, I have a few things leftover from last year, but they’re not Christmas-related. Enough is enough.

ok then,

Mrs. 2021 Grace.

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