christmas day

by grace on December 29, 2010

i got up around seven on christmas.  that’s kind of early.

kevin set mollie’s candy cane rawhide gift next to the tree, and mollie was quite eager to GET AT IT.

mmm, rawhide candy cane…

here she is, eagerly awaiting her first present of the day.

mollie is easy to buy for.

winnie, not so easy to buy for, but he does appreciate a nice lap to curl up in.

we bought him a little reindeer that we put catnip inside, and winston was interested for about five minutes, maybe ten.  thet’s the little reindeer right by his paw.  i also like it that he’s so close to the remote, like he’s going to turn on the tv at any minute.

he quickly starts to get sleepy, sleepy…

and then he can’t support the weight of his big head anymore.  we had all been up for a good half hour at this point, so you can imagine how tired he was.

what a CUTE KITTY!

because it had snowed and snowed the night before, we went out in it after opening a few gifts.

even though it snowed, the ice melted a lot.

definitely not the best time to have a cookout down at the dock.

the power plant looked like it was on fire, which would have added a great deal of excitement for all of springfield on christmas morning.

mollie and kevin, later in the morning.

and then there was food and presents and more food and more presents…one day i finally asked kevin what he wanted for christmas, and he said “all i want is a tri-cornered hat.”  hmm.  he sent me a link to a place that sells them, and i ordered him one.  on christmas morning i decided to wait till nighttime to give him that hat, so he’d think that i didn’t even get him the ONLY thing he asked for.  i finally gave it to him at about eight o’clock at night; it was late, but not so late that he was really already asleep even though his eyes were open.

he wanted this hat so he can wear it when doing some kind of shooting where they wore hats like that.  he will have to tell you in detail about it because even though he’s explained it to me at least two times and maybe three, i can’t remember exactly what he said.

anyway, to me it looks more like a pirate hat, so i spent much too much time this afternoon creating this pirate picture.  he’s wearing the harry potter t-shirt i also gave him, even though he didn’t ask for it.  i got one for myself, too, but then i FORGOT to wear it when we saw harry potter again.  clearly we’ll have to go back a third time.

that ship was actually docked in a swimming pool, and first i got rid of the people in the pool, and then i decided that the whole pool needed to go, plus the tables and stuff around the pool, and the big structure leading up to the ship, and the sign.  yeah, i spent too much time on it but i like it a lot now.

ok then,

mrs. photoshop hughes.

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