by grace on May 8, 2010

yesterday i took her picture with my phone so i can see her photo when she calls…ok, she rarely calls from denver, but you never know.  plus now i have the photo.  here it is.


christine looked at the photo and talked again about how FAT she has gotten.  she looks like a total porker, doesn’t she?  it doesn’t matter how much any given woman in america weighs, if they’re a 98-pound anorexic close to death, a woman who might need to lose 5 or a hundred, we ALL THINK WE’RE FAT.

i told her, IF YOU’RE FAT, THEN WHAT AM I???

we had a good day yesterday but lots more activity than she’s used to, so she’s still sleeping.  mollie is also still sleeping.  kevin is off shooting with his friend garrick.  it is very very cold this morning, and i’m enjoying sitting here in my warm winter jammies.

tonight we’re going to amy’s where she’s hosting 15 people for dinner.  MANY MANY PEOPLE, and hopefully she’s not stressing out about it right now.  later (after christine gets up, and after we’ve done a bunch of stuff and gone to lunch, hopefully at Osaka, where i haven’t been yet), christine and i will go over and try to force her to let us help get ready.

last night christine and i snuck into the second half of “comany,” the show that randy is in.  it looked quite good, despite being opening night.  not a very big crowd, which was too bad.  there were some mic issues that were annoying and surely shouldn’t have happened – when cynda sang a solo, there was some horrible feedback as she sang, and it was both static and also sounded like voices muttering in the background.  really awful.  i think they then shut her mic off, and even though we were sitting all the way in the back we could hear her fine.

christine had really wanted to see the play but we already had earlier plans.  i’ll go next week to see the WHOLE SHOW.

ok then,

saturday morning grace, trying to wake up.

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