by grace on January 24, 2018

sometimes i’d called Chester “chestertarian,” making up a little song, rhyming it with librarian, unitarian, vegetarian, egalitarian, rotarian…

here he is in august 2012.

i love this picture of the three of them, something that could be an album cover.

chester enjoying some non-alcoholic coors…

sept. 2012 – chester and mollie.

chester always loved to go for a walk when i’d take les out on his leash.

chester never needed to a leash (he certainly wouldn’t have tolerated one); even though he was our wildest cat he never strayed far from home.

and a few more photos from 2012 – this is december.

for a while he loved to pull on this fluffy bed, pulling and kneading it over and over.


and he loved to lie in the sink, as well as drink from it.

good kitty.

ok then,

mrs. january hughes.


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