chester’s first month here at his new home

by grace on January 8, 2018

i took this picture on sept. 28th, 2011.  we kept chester in the hot tub room for a while, separated from everybody else, because we hadn’t taken him in to be neutered yet.  when we first got les and he was also not fixed, we let him roam freely in the basement and he did so much marking that kevin wanted to get rid of him.  luckily that all worked out!  so chester got to spend some quiet time, inside where it was warm and dry and he had plenty of food.

a much cushier life already, after living out in the wild.


and on october 1st, i was already dressing him up. good grief.  we were still having huge halloween parties back then, and i wanted a picture to put on the invitations.  he doesn’t look so thrilled about the getup.


this is october 17th, 2011 – clearly, Les Paul and Chester were already bonding over their food.  i don’t remember letting all the cats eat on the counter…

a rare photo of all three kittie on october 29th, 2011.  i’m pretty sure that’s not a happy look on Winnie’s face –  he and chester never did hit it off.

ok then.  it’s monday morning, time to face the day…


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