boat launch! plus more from april…

by grace on May 17, 2017

we launched the pontoon boat on april 15th, which might be the earliest we’ve ever done that, although i can’t possibly remember yesterday much less last year.  even if we might have launched it earlier one year, it always broke down.

kevin did all the hooking up and then unhooking and i was in charge of sitting in the captain’s seat.

he got the boat into the water and it started right up and off i went.  whoo hoo!

we didn’t take it out much for the rest of april because of the huge amount of rain.  but so far the motor continues to run, which is refreshing and i have high hopes for many boat rides this summer.

les just wants to catch stuff outside.

we had a visit from the easter bunny!

when i went to schnuck’s before easter this giant basket was overflowing with these delicious cholate eggs from pease’s.  mmm, i could eat one right now.  luckily i only went to schnuck’s in the morning, when my resistance to chocolate is much higher than right now at eight o’clock at night.

is it a heron, or a heron statue?

a heron, of course.  taken from the boat.

it seems like there are more geese and goslings than ever this year.

this bush looked so spectacular – and then the rains came.  it rained.  and rained.  and rained some more.

i wish i’d taken a picture when the rain loaded down the blossoms and the branches were touching the ground.  i kept going outside and shaking them.  a big branch had snapped so i cut all the blossoms off.

it was a lot of blossoms.

a whole lot of blossoms, and  they stayed fresh for longer than i thought they would.  lovely.

and then there’s chester…one night kevin was sitting in the living room talking on the phone to his friend garrick.  chester appeared at the back window and i let him in and then realized he had something in his mouth.  GET OFF THE PHONE CHESTER HAS SOMETHING!  I said.  kevin quickly hung up and got the flashlight out to look at chester under the dining room table.

it wasn’t a bird, it wasn’t a chipmunk, not a snake.

it was a t-bone steak bone.

poor hungry little kitty.  i’ve never known of a cat eating steak bones.   he’s very, very hungry most of the time, and we hope that taking insulin will get his diabetes under control.  but he still might want steak bones.

here’s randy’s darling kitty pee wee, looking forlornly at the empty cereal bowl.  many cats are very hungry.

and one final thing – we went to a trivia night which verified that i do, indeed, know just about nothing about almost every trivia question that’s ever asked.  but it was at Ace Sign company, and there were wonderful signs all over the walls.

i’d like to have all of them here in the house.  i know i have no wall space at all, but i’d make room somehow.

this light used to be at the bel air motel which was torn down – the light looked so huge, hanging there in the building.  i want it.

and also these great old steak n shake signs.

i remember this one from the steak n shake that used to be on south grand when i was a kid.  i have a feeling that his eyes lit up, which now seems like it’d be a litle creepy, but i loved that sign.

and that’s the end of our exciting april.

soon, vegas baby, vegas.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday night but it feels like it should be friday hughes.



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